Barre Attitude is the place where
ballet and fitness intersect




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In anticipation of a plan to re-open California, Barre Attitude has taken proactive steps to make sure that everyone who enters the studio can have confidence that they are safe. Barre Attitude has gone through a decontamination process that will protect the surfaces, equipment, bathrooms and barres for up to 90 days. The product used is called MonoFoil-D and is a durable, hospital-grade disinfectant, registered with the EPA. It provides an antimicrobial protective barrier to all surfaces and kills past, present and future bacteria for the span of up to 90 days. Barre Attitude is the first fitness studio/gym in Long Beach to be treated with this protective chemical and has been Certified as Protected! For more information on the product and process, please visit You can feel safe and confident to come back to Barre Attitude for your workout once we have the green light to re-open!! See you at the barre!

Barre Attitude is the place where ballet and fitness intersect.

You don’t need to be a dancer to achieve a dancer’s body! Barre Attitude is designed to take ballet-inspired moves, positions and exercises and incorporate them into an energetic, calorie-burning 60-minute total body workout, targeting those hard-to-reach muscle groups. Each workout is infused with a must-have cardio segment, differentiating us from other barre workouts. The result is a sculpted, stronger body, increased flexibility and the desired longer, leaner muscles that dancers attain.

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Los Angeles Times Interview

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Stephanie was interviewed for a piece in LA Times about fitness studios are pivoting to stay alive amid the shutdown.

Daily Instagram Livestreams

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VISIT OUR INSTAGRAM PAGE Barre Attitude is offering 10-minute daily Instagram Livestreams at 11:00am PST! Join us as we work our way through the muscle groups::  ABS, ARMS, GLUTES, LEGS,…

Special Event: Burlesque Dance Class!

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Attitude is not just a state of mind, it is also a ballet position requiring immense core strength, balance and poise. Our mission is to blend the two in perfect harmony within the boundaries of a safe, fun, results-driven environment, led by skilled professionals to help accomplish a total-body workout in 60 minutes and achieve the lean, sculpted dancer’s body you’ve always wanted.

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