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Barre Attitude has added Bounce to its repertoire! Bouncing is an exercise that reduces your body fat; firms your legs, thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips; increases your agility; and improves your sense of balance. Bouncing is by far the most effective movement therapy for increasing lymph flow and draining toxins from the body. Bounce is a high-intensity cardio-centric workout that will get your heart pumping and burn calories for 60 minutes, while remaining low-impact. The hour will consist of a mix of bouncing and sculpting. Rejuvenate your body!

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Barre Attitude is the place where ballet and fitness intersect.

You don’t need to be a dancer to achieve a dancer’s body! Barre Attitude is designed to take ballet-inspired moves, positions and exercises and incorporate them into an energetic, calorie-burning 60-minute total body workout, targeting those hard-to-reach muscle groups. Each workout is infused with a must-have cardio segment, differentiating us from other barre workouts. The result is a sculpted, stronger body, increased flexibility and the desired longer, leaner muscles that dancers attain.

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Introducing BARREttes!

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Calling all parents of kids ages 7-13 who are in need of some alone time! Barre Attitude is offering a 45-minute “barre” class for kids, to introduce them to strength-training,…

Los Angeles Times Interview

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Stephanie was interviewed for a piece in LA Times about fitness studios are pivoting to stay alive amid the shutdown.

Daily Instagram Livestreams

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VISIT OUR INSTAGRAM PAGE Barre Attitude is offering 10-minute daily Instagram Livestreams at 11:00am PST! Join us as we work our way through the muscle groups::  ABS, ARMS, GLUTES, LEGS,…

Attitude is not just a state of mind, it is also a ballet position requiring immense core strength, balance and poise. Our mission is to blend the two in perfect harmony within the boundaries of a safe, fun, results-driven environment, led by skilled professionals to help accomplish a total-body workout in 60 minutes and achieve the lean, sculpted dancer’s body you’ve always wanted.

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