Dance & movement has grooved through Ursula’s blood for all of her life, and it is her greatest thrill to share that joy with others. Her personal philosophy on exercise is that every class should be as fun as a slumber party Рwith engaging music, an energizing vibe, and a supportive atmosphere Рencouraging everyone to do and feel their very best.

Ursula has over 10 years of experience teaching various group fitness formats, including Kick-Boxing, Zumba, Sculpt, Yoga, and Mat Pilates, but introducing Barre into her own personal routine is what really rocked her workout-world. The style, sequencing, and precision of Barre transformed her body like no other discipline. While training for marathons, Ursula experienced pain in her knees and hips, but practicing Barre alleviated discomfort from injury and overuse. Ursula makes it a priority for each and every participant to receive the proper attention their body needs, offering adjustments and corrections to obtain the maximum benefits of each exercise.

Ursula is extremely grateful and excited to join the Barre Attitude team, and is looking forward to sweating-it-out with everyone. Whenever you see her, be sure to lay-up a High-Five!